This summer has already been one crazy hot one and I just wanted to send you all a couple of things to make it a bit hotter.

Last week, my friend and fellow artist, Bigstat released a new track titled “Against the Grain” from his forthcoming album. Title sound familiar?

Funny story about how it all came together. His producers in the Royce Music Group had found me on Twitter and from there we started collaborating on some original hip-hop tracks and hooks. Than one day they called to let me know how much they dug the EP and that they went ahead and made a track out of my song “Against the Grain“.  When I heard Bigstat’s version of the tune, I was hooked. Killer lyrics with great timing and flow.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, it’s on iTunes now!

And as of today you can check out the new video that goes along with it. We had fun putting it together and hope you guys dig it.